Installation and Download


We recommend to use the conda client mamba for installation. You should use the latest miniforge for installation of mamba. Alternatively you can replace mamba with conda in the commands below, but the installation will be much slower.

There are three main steps to install TomoTwin:

1. Install TomoTwin

In case you have on old TomoTwin version installed, please remove the old one first with:

mamba env remove -n tomotwin

Next you can create the TomoTwin environment:

mamba env create -n tomotwin -f
pip install tomotwin-cryoet

2. Install Napari

Here we assume that you don’t have napari installed. Please do:

mamba env create -n napari-tomotwin -f
pip install napari-tomotwin

Update TomoTwin & Napari

To update an existing TomoTwin installation just do:

mamba env update -n tomotwin -f --prune
conda activate tomotwin
pip install tomotwin-cryoet
mamba env update -n napari-tomotwin -f --prune

Download latest model

Last update:


Number of proteins:




System requirements

So far we run it on Ubuntu 20.04 and the following GPUs:

  • NVIDIA V100

  • NVIDIA RTX 2080

  • NVIDIA A100